FracFocusRegistry CSV Files Naming Commentary

I have just noticed that FracFocus is now outputting the FracFocusRegistry data in the more import-friendly CSV format.  That being said, it would be nice if FracFocus named the files with a leading zero where applicable as needed, for example:

  • FracFocusRegistry_1.csv would be better named as FracFocusRegistry_01.csv

This would allow any file-combining programs to combine the files in the order in which they were generated, as right now the file reading order is as follows:

  1. FracFocusRegistry_1.csv
  2. FracFocusRegistry_10.csv
  3. FracFocusRegistry_11.csv
  4. FracFocusRegistry_12.csv
  5. FracFocusRegistry_2.csv
  6. FracFocusRegistry_3.csv

and so on.

Changing  any file having a single digit to that with a leading zero would change the file input order to a more professional standard, e.g. _1.csv to a _01.csv

Please note that I’m working on a program now that will combine all of these CSVs into one file, and in the order that they were likely generated.  In addition, there will be some data cleansing undertaken as some rows have returns and other strange characters within their columns.

Khepry Quixote


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