Status Update: ANSS ComCat Earthquakes Pushed to AWS S3 Bucket

A few months ago, I noted that earthquakes for Oklahoma after 2017-03-01 were not showing up in the NCEDC download.  Vexed by this, I immediately went searching for an alternative source of earthquake information.  Finally, I found the ANSS ComCat catalog, but could only access the full download of earthquakes via a ReSTful API that limited rowsets to 20,000 rows per request.  Knowing those limitations, I authored a Python 3 program that would download earthquakes one month at a time, starting from 1900-01-01.

The preceding download has been accomplished and the dataset has been downloaded from 1900-01-01 to the present.  I can confirm that Oklahoma’s information now appears within the dataset from 1974 to the present, hence I’ve pushed the earthquake dataset to the AWS S3 quake-info bucket.  When I’ve done so, I’ll post links to the actual Python projects at GitHub that download (PyQuakeReSTer) and reverse-geocode (PyGeoCoderRev) the data prior to its import into a SQLite3 database for subsequent analysis.

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