For a comprehensive download of all recorded earthquakes since approximately 1898, try using this web page:

  • ANSS Catalog Search – Please note that the data derived from this search, while it contains latitudes and longitudes, does NOT contain states or counties.  One would have to submit the lat/longs to a reverse geo-coding process in order to obtain country, state, and county values.
  • FrackingData Reverse-Geocoded Earthquakes from 1900-01-01 to date (updated on an approximately monthly basis):
  • I have authored a program in Python 3 that reverse geo-codes (via GeoNames and K-D Trees) the lat/longs into their respective countries, states, counties, and cities/villages. This is the link to the open-source Python 3 reverse-geocoder project.  The program processes nearly 3 million rows in approximately 240 seconds.

Reverse Geo-Coding Considerations

In order to reverse geo-code lat/longs, one usually needs a source of shape files or K-D Tree files.  I use the shape files found at the links below or information from GeoNames:

  • Country (source: APRS World)
  • State (source: National Atlas)
  • County (source: National Atlas)

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