Status Update 2016-10-18: FrackingData_FracFocusRegistry 2016-10 Files Uploaded

As of 18 Oct 2016, various files (e.g. SQlite, CSV) derived from’s October 2016 FracFocusRegistry have been downloaded, extracted, transformed, loaded, archived, and uploaded to the site and their respective links also posted to FrackingData’s FracFocus Data Page .

This time, FracFocus posted their SQL Server backup on 17 Oct 2016, about 4 weeks later than its previous posting of 21 Sep 2016.

Once again, of significance this time was that the download of the files from the website and their subsequent extract, transform, load, archiving, and exporting to CSV, SQLite, and PostgreSQL files was performed by a Windows batch script without human intervention. This automated method shaved hours from the extract, transform, load, archive, and export process.  In addition, the batch script now uses WinSCP to automatically upload the files in question to the page.

When this Windows batch file is sufficiently stable, and I’ve soft-coded the data-cleansing views into the script itself,  I’ll post a link to it in the Source Code section of this blog.  Soft-coding of the data-cleansing views is the last hurdle to publishing this script.

Khepry Quixote 2016-10-18


Please support the IndieGoGo Campaign, now underway!

Please support the IndieGoGo Campaign!  It’s time for to move from an “after-hours” level of effort to the next level, as well as establish itself as a non-profit with a life beyond its founder, as the fight to obtain and post open-data and open-source relevant to fracking data disclosures is one that will likely last for many years, if not decades, to come.