FracFocus removes PDF detailing SQL Server BAK file restore and import to Microsoft Access database.

As brought to my attention by “w”, it appears that has removed the hyperlink (first link in second paragraph of this page) to its PDF document detailing how to restore the SQL Server BAK file into an SQL Server database and once that’s done, its subsequent conversion via import into a Microsoft Access database.  This, unfortunately, means that the average analyst/citizen is left with little, if any, guidance as to how to get the data within the BAK file into any format suitable for analysis. will endeavor to provide an alternative document and/or batch script, as soon as possible,  that will fill in this gap until restores the original PDF document or an updated version, if so appropriate.  This, in this author’s humble opinion, is not “a good thing” in that doing such, especially without notice or commentary on the affected page, is a breach of transparency, both on notification and on access to the data itself.

Khepry Quixote
27 June 2016


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