MS Access: Database posted to downloads site

Microsoft Access, while not SQL-92 compliant, is a very popular database program suitable for analytical use by many people that don’t use R, SAS, or Tableau for analysis and reporting purposes.

Concerning data, and back again by popular demand, is now providing (see link below) a Microsoft Access database in “accdb” format containing various tables as follows:

  • tables
    • dbo_RegistryUpload
    • dbo_RegistryUploadPurpose
    • dbo_RegistryUploadIngredients
  • Earthquakes-related tables
    • NCEDC_earthquakes_reverse_geocoded (worldwide, 1898 to date, magnitude 0 and up)
  • Toxicities-related tables
    • Chemical_Toxicities_Blended_Sorted
    • Chemical_Toxicities_Blended_Grouped
    • Chemical_Toxicities_Blended_Flattened_Boolean
  • Views utilizing the above tables
    • vue_Registry_Upload_Purpose_Ingredients
    • vue_Registry_Upload_Purpose_Ingredients_Toxicities
  • Link(s) to Microsoft Access database(s), compressed with the 7-Zip program:

Henceforth, this database will be available on the same schedule as the CSV, SQLite, and PostgreSQL files and a page holding the latest link can be found on the FracFocus Data page of’s site (link below):

Khepry Quixote
10 June 2016


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