Status Update 2016-03-14: FrackingData_FracFocusRegistry 2016-02 Files Uploaded

As of 14 March 2016, various files (e.g. SQlite, CSV, and PgSQL) derived from’s February 2016 FracFocusRegistry download have been uploaded to site and their respective links posted to FrackingData’s FracFocus Data Page .

The substantial delay between the last posting of the transformed FracFocusRegistry download in January and this one in March was mostly due to FracFocus NOT posting anything until I reminded them via Twitter as of the evening of 2 March 2016.  This tardiness is becoming a pattern.  In times past I made quiet entreaties for them to post their data, however as I’m perceiving a pattern of semi-regular tardiness I’ll be admonish them in public from hereon.

Once again, of significance this time was that the download from the FracFocus Data Download website and subsequent extract, transform, load, and exporting to CSV, SQLite, and PostgreSQL files was performed by a Windows batch script without human intervention. This automated method shaved hours from the extract, transform, load, and export process.

When this Windows batch file is sufficiently stable, I’ll post a link to it in the Source Code section of this blog.

Khepry Quixote 2016-03-14


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